NETBALL!! – A sport like no other

Netball!! Aah, mere mention of the sport itself brings back a hoard of memories. Back when i was in school, netball was THE game in our school (and it still is :)).

During primary school, simply watching my fellow seniors playing the sport made me want to do the same, be PART OF IT! Driven by passion for the game, my friends and i started playing netball in sixth grade during our lunch breaks even though we didn’t have netball as part of our extra-curricular activities. ‘Big shots’, as we were then, played a rule free netball game pretending we were pros at it until seventh grade, when we were actually introduced to the game 😛

The joy in being able to play a game of netball at least for a few minutes a day (during my school days) is just unexplainable! Most of our leisure time -let it be free periods or even the little time we have before school commences- were spent on a game of netball even if it’s for an hour or a few minutes.

Netball is a sport played by two teams, seven aside. Each team consists of two shooters, three defenders, a center player and an attacker. The sport is played within a pre-determined time frame and the winning team is obviously the team that scores the most number of goals.

A proud Ilmian and a proud netball player of Ilma ❤

netball court



ImageI just finished reading an incredible series titled ‘The Inheritance Cycle’ by Christopher Paolini, who is a child prodigy and the inheritance cycle is his debut series. To all those adventure lovers out there, I’d say, ‘Go for it’!!!

The entire series is staged on an entirely new land called ‘Alagaesia’. The series is basically about a farm boy, Eragon, who lives with his uncle and cousin. His life takes a sharp turn when he finds a dragon egg while hunting in the woods. With the birth of this dragon is born a new era for the dragons and dragon riders. Now with his new title ‘Eragon the dragon rider’ and his new found powers, he realizes that the fate of Alagaesia lies on his shoulder as he battles through the book to defeat the mighty King of Alagaesia, King Galbatorix.

What actually got me hooked to this series are the many battles in it. The battles actually got me anxious to the point where I had to flip through the pages to find out the end results (okay, now that’s a very bad habit I’ve been trying to get rid of for quite some time now 😛 ), and above all, the constant fear of a main character dying in one of the battles added to the excitement and tension that was building in me. I loved how paolini makes the story unpredictable with the many unexpected twists and surprises.

However, like with any books, there were a few scenes which I wish Paolini had not included, like the part where (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Eragon leaves Alagaesia for good! I mean, that was very disappointing, After all he went through to restore peace in Alagaesia, that’s not the fate I expected for him.

Thank you! 🙂